Course Curriculum

Meet the artist, Celia Lees

My name is Celia and I am an abstract artist. I began painting a few years ago to find a more profound connection with both life and my inner self. Life can feel so heavy at times so I wanted a creative outlet I could turn to when I felt I was incapable or uninterested in articulating how I felt.

My paintings often function as a visual journal of what I am feeling inside. As important as the end product of the painting is, I equally put as much my focus on the process itself. Allowing myself to feel like I have no boundaries or expectations, and really honing in on experimenting and letting myself feel free while painting.

I continuously critically analyze my work while painting. I have a deep understanding of how to edit it and have developed very effective tips, methods and tools over the years that I am really excited to share with you in this course!

If you have ever felt the need to express yourself but don’t know where to begin, let me help you along the way and provide you with insightful and inspiring information to give you the confidence to create your own work!